Check the Prezi to get an impression of the project Werbeanzeigen

This is a graphic visualization of the project progress until Sunday!

  Glorious day for P.O.S.T.! At Marseille´s bus station, two engaged drivers not only let P.O.S.T. step into the bus but also promoted the project themselves, convincing people to take part on it. This is how P.O.S.T. should work! At this point, I hope you already realize that P.O.S.T. is not only a project but an […]

            Find our new subsidiary at Marseille´s airport. Always in front of TAP check in desk! Small airports have the advantage that people are more relaxed and open for a quick conversation. This subsidiary works very well and delivers messages very fast! WOW. Is it because Marseille is not a […]

P.O.S.T. is still trying out different strategies to offer you the best service. Messages travelled yesterday  through the air via „mind“ between Lisbon and Marseille.                

P.O.S.T. is reliable, efficient and fun. It comes wherever you are to deliver your message!